It has been too long. Life is busy and running around all day does not leave much time to absorb it all and write.

Thursday night I was driving home from a meeting and on the opposite lane of the highway was a horrible accident. The worst I’ve ever seen. I could not believe what my eyes saw and my brain could not comprehend it at all. The way the cars and trucks were placed made no sense.

After I passed it I started thinking of everything I have in my life and to feel very lucky.

Appreciating feels really good. I thought of my amazing parents who have always been at my side and a part of my life. A central part. No matter what I wanted to do, what I’ve thought and what I’ve said, I always knew they would understand and love me.

My husband who is the rock in my life. Always here, helping to make this life of ours possible. He makes me laugh although he thinks I have a limited sense of humor, he is an amazing chef who spoils us with everything we can ever wish for and he’s a great friend and the best dad ever.

My kids. The light and joy of my life. The reason for every beat my heart takes and what truly makes me happy.

My family. My grandmother Bella whom I adore, my sister and her beautiful family, my cousins, uncles, aunts  and the supporting warm and wonderful family I married into. You are my soul, my compassion and my history, present and future!

My friends. Scattered all around the world. Each one of you such a wonderful human being who have touched me and made me into the better person I am today.

Even when I write this I see each one of you in front of me and want you to know that I really, truly and sincerely appreciate you in my life.

Ithaca Sunset By Roy Cohen March, 2011

After a long, cold and snowy winter in Ithaca, the sun is starting to come out. Spring is officially here but it is struggling to overcome the winter. Seeing the sun, feeling its warmth and the never ending blue sky above, are some of  God’s small creations that I can never get enough of. I look everyday for the buds on the trees to know that soon the trees will be covered in new, fresh green leaves. Soon the flowers will come out again and the winter will let a new season take over. This winter felt longer than others and I am ready for Spring and Summer to start.

The summer fruits that will soon be in the supermarkets- tasty melons, juicy watermelons, big delicious cherries and the picking season will start. Every year it all starts over I am humbled and overwhelmed by nature.

Thank you for being a part of this life of mine!


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    Darling sister of mine. Can’t stop reading your blog. U r so fluent and visual. I can actually feel, see and smell every word, every leaf u write about. not to say understand what you’re talking about. Hugging you from a far. Here where the missiles are shooting by, whilst we eat pizza (Domino’s not home made)
    You have definately found your calling. Keep on doin’ it so so well. Love you too. Appreciating you always

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      You are one of the faces i always see before me when I think of people who are a part of my life. Teaching me courage, survival, love and ther meaning of friendship and family. You are so brave, caring, funny and just a real good friend! Love you back and thank you!!

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    Tove Oron

    Dear Beloved tal,
    You and your children are the sun and blue sky you are talking about.
    You always make us happy and with good humor. Your creativity, deep sense of humor and great giving heart make a huge difference in this worrld.

    love Mom and Dad

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    Orna Tennenbaum

    Dear, you’ve captivated my heart. Truely beautiful and moving.

    Never tasted one of your cookings (a thing that needs a serious mending, but this is for another post… 🙂 ) but I’m certain that as you blend all the ingredients and spices and put your hear into it to create a delicious meal the same goes for your writing.

    Waiting eagerly to your next post.


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