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Mediterranean CUISINE LIKE YOu've never tasted before

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Tal Cohen started her catering business, Ba-Li Cravings in 2014. But her love and passion for baking started when she was as young as 5. Tal would find herself exploring in the kitchen and baking on her own as a young child, and later volunteered  to make all of the food and desserts for family gatherings. Tal always cooked and baked and found inspiration in the kitchen. She fell in love with the art of baking, cooking and crafting a different meal experience altogether. in 2015 Tal build her own com mercial kitchen, painted blue, and ever since that is where she can be found.


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For those with pure food indulgence in mind, we will help you satisfy your desires with our ever changing Mediterranean and seasonally inspired small  & large plates.  We love food, lots of different food, just like you. Mostly we love to create Pure Deliciousness for any craving!

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