This is just a partial list of entrepreneurs, creative women, and passionate visionaries in our great city. More to follow.


Ariana Blossom

Ariana Blossom is a fantastic coach. Her vision and passion enable her to change lives. Ariana is the woman behind Rev’s program From Passenger To Pilot created to support woman business owners in their quest to scale their businesses with the help of mentors and support of local resources to deal with the challenges of running a business, as well as celebrate their achievements. Ariana is also an executive coach.  Click here for more information.





Waking Vision ~ Fulfilling Action is a program for Women with the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Living one’s life true to what we value most is not always an easy thing to do. This program not only has you become clear about what is most important to you it provides the tools and support so that you find yourself making the changes that you have been wanting. This program is currently being offered to women who have that entrepreneurial spirit.

Erica Marx

Erica Marx is passionate about helping women find their way and their self-expression. These days she does it with coaching and very fun Improv Classes “This introductory course to the world of improvisational comedy is designed for anyone who wants to loosen up, be more spontaneous, and learn to take risks.  We will play games and explore a variety of improv exercises in a supportive environment.  Each week you’ll unlock more of your natural creativity, increasing your confidence while having a great time.” Click here for more information.

Margaret Snow

Margaret Snow has amazing experience in workplace coaching. She teaches skills to turn the workplace into a place that everyone enjoys coming to every day and to increase productivity. Margaret also helps people find their intention, and voice, with coaching as well as through dream analysis and even astrology. Click here for more information.

Emilie Rawlings

Another amazing woman who sees everyone’s true beauty is Emilie Rawlings. I had heard about Mary Kay before, but it wasn’t until I met Emilie that I learned about the passion and love that she has to make women see their beauty. She offers free makeup for brides, even on site, she takes the time to teach about skin care and cosmetics and she is a pleasure to spend a fun afternoon with! Click here for more information.

Bridgit Beams

Bridgit Beams smiles when she talks about kids. It is obvious that she cares about enriching children’s lives every day. That is what brought her to create Namaste Montessori, a place where every child is the center of attention and love. Her knowledge of education is impressive, and her love is felt right away. Namaste in Trumansburg will make you want to go back to school. Click here for more information.