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Mediterranean CUISINE LIKE YOu've never tasted before


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Tal Cohen started her catering business, Ba-Li Cravings in 2014. But her love and passion for baking started when she was as young as 5. Tal would find herself exploring in the kitchen and baking on her own as a young child, and later volunteered  to make all of the food and desserts for family gatherings. Tal always cooked and baked and found inspiration in the kitchen. She fell in love with the art of baking, cooking and crafting a different meal experience altogether. in 2015 Tal build her own commercial kitchen, painted blue, and ever since that is where she can be found.



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NEW ! BA-LI CRAVINGS ORDER NOW- click order now and place your order today!

NEW ! BA-LI CRAVINGS ORDER NOW- click order now and place your order today!

I am very excited to try something new….. Ba-Li Cravings will offer frozen options so you have a variety of deliciousness anytime you crave it. Just pop in a hot oven, or heat in a bowl and you have a meal full of flavors, freshly made with a lot of thought and care.


We also offer Friday pick ups of fresh breads and additional options.

This way, you are set for Friday dinner at home and for any occasion.

We also offer drop off or pick-up catering for small events or picnics and have super fun options for small weddings that we would love to tell you more about!

Pick Up DURING the week

( please pre order 2 days ahead)

Freezes wonderfully

Frozen Bourekas Filled Puff Pastry with: $22, enough for 4-6 people

  • 3 cheeses
  • Beef & Sauteed Onions (DF)
  • Vegetables (vegan)
  • Mushrooms with feta

Quiches- 10 inch, $44, enough for 8 people

  • Tove’s Leeks & Onions (YUM!)
  • Mushrooms & Cheese
  • Cheese Peppers & Herbs

Main Courses:

Turchi – Chicken in butternut squash- freezes amazing.. 10” round (for 2-3) $25, Half Pan (for 6-10) $60

Beef or Vegetarian Moussaka (with Dairy), Vegan option as well. 10” round (for 2-3) $25, Half Pan (for 6-10) $60

Couscous vegetable stew – vegan, GF 10” round (for 2-3) $25, Half Pan (for 6-10) $60

Friday Dinner Pick Ups

Hot entrees

Turkish Filled Breads- delicious, crispy, freshly baked breads filled with: (choose)

  v Feta & Roasted Peppers

  v  Roasted Eggplants & Feta

  v Caprese- Pesto,  Mozzarella & Tomatoes

  v Herbs & Cheeses

  v  Beef & Onions


Hummus, Baba Ganoush – small $8, Large $18 Vegan, GF

Rice Filled Grape Leaves- $9 for 6- Vegan, GF

Desserts/Family Gatherings/Picnics/Small Weddings

Getting together and want some delicious food or desserts?

We can accommodate pick ups or deliveries for small groups with a variety of freshly made options for you.

Pick up: all pickups will be done with no contact. Food will be packed and set out close to pick up.
Kitchen: I have created a kitchen cleaning protocol with the fabulous Samantha Lushtak from Absolute EHS (Environmental Health and Safety consultant) and have that in place! I work alone, out of my commercial kitchen. All surfaces are disinfected, the kitchen is kept super clean, I work with gloves and replace them all the time. All food is packed in containers. Health and cleanliness are my top priority, therefor no one is allowed into my kitchen these days.

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The Menu

For those with pure food indulgence in mind, we will help you satisfy your desires with our ever changing Mediterranean and seasonally inspired small  & large plates.  We love food, lots of different food, just like you. Mostly we love to create Pure Deliciousness for any craving!

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