On a rainy, grey, dark, cold day like today, only ONE food is Comfort food in my opinion.

No, it does not have melted cheese, it does not..

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Pita- A Heavenly Pocket

I have already expressed my love for yeast. Any dough with yeast is wonderful to work with. I know many fear yeast and fear it won’t..

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My Winter Comfort Food

I like the phrase Comfort Food. Sometimes, food does give you the feeling of comfort, nostalgic. It is very cultural though. When I see..

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Small Treats, Big Pleasures

Oskar, my grandfather (mother’s father) was one of the most humble, loving people I’ve ever met.


He passed away many years ago..

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Pizza- Fun, Fast and Delicious!

Pizza.  I’ve never been a big fan of a slice of pizza, dripping with tomato sauce and tons of melted cheese on top. Not to talk about the..

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