Flowers and Baked Treats CSA

Spring is here. YES! It has even reached Ithaca NY after a very long, cold winter.

My favorite thing about this time of year is how nature changes from almost black & white to full color. Living in the Upstate we are surrounded by nature, trees, flowers and beauty. During the winter it is mostly white but in March our surroundings are just colorless.

Then Spring arrives, the trees start blooming, and all of a sudden the colors are back.

Linda VanApeldoorn lives this beauty year round. Growing flowers at Take Your Pick Flower Farm for weddings and her wonderful CSA, got us thinking. How fun would it be to have a CSA where people sign up and enjoy a bucket of Linda’s beautiful flowers and a Baked Treat of the Week?!
You never know what your flower bucket will consist of, what beautiful colors will fill your home or office, so we thought of keeping the surprise for the baked treats as well. Not knowing what is coming, but knowing it will be delicious and baked with love.
Starting in June, we will offer this CSA, hoping to spoil you all summer and into the fall.
Now you just have to decide if you want it for your home and family, for your office or maybe buy it for a friend or your parents? Just think, giving a gift that goes on for 10 weeks. What a perfect Mother’s Day Gift!
Think about it. What will make you happier than beautiful flowers and deliciousness, every week?
And yes…. there will be Dairy free and Gluten free options every week!
Join us, and let us hear from you.
Contact me here or by email [email protected]