Journey Through the Culinary History of the Finger Lakes

Last week Laura Winter Falk’s new book was released Culinary History of the Finger Lakes.

book-cover-200x300When Laura told me about this project, a few month ago, I was very excited for her. I do not know a more knowledgeable and passionate person about the Finger Lakes. Having started Experience! Finger Lakes 7 years ago, Laura and her husband Alan, have guided hundreds of tours through the wonderful wineries and restaurant this area has to offer.  What was especially great about this book, is that Laura asked chefs around the Finger Lakes to develop recipes representing each era in the book, using ingredients that were available at that time in history.

Reading the book has been a lot of fun.  I have always known that the Finger Lakes region is rich not only in natural resources and beauty, but it has an incredible history as well. But this book lets you really travel through the history of the region from the Indians to the early settlers to today in an easy-to-read and enjoyable way.

After the release of the book, I met with Laura to congratulate her, when she asked me to be a part of an unbelievable project. An event where some chosen recipes in the book will be featured, and the chefs will tell about their recipes. I have been asked to prepare some of these recipes and can not express my excitement for having this opportunity.

I will write about my journey through the history of the Finger Lakes while re-creating recipes of the areas leading chefs. How great is that?! For someone, like me, who likes to make changes to any recipe I try, it will be interesting to create these recipes step-by-step, with no changes. I mean, the chefs themselves will get to taste them, so I better be careful…..

I encourage you to look for Laura’s book at Barnes & Noble, regional book stores, or order it on Amazon. You will enjoy it and learn a lot about the history of this magical region.

The first post will be about The Three Sisters Soup from the time of the Iroquois.

Lastly, Laura Winter Falk dedicated her book to her parents adding “…who taught me to always embrace the opportunities and experiences that life brings“. I couldn’t have put it better, and want to thank Laura for asking me to be a part of this beautiful project. Thank you my friend.

Join me on my journey.