Sweet Treat

We all have our favorites, but when it comes to my middle girl, her favorites are very well known, so on her birthday I don’t need to think long about what to make for her.

The hard work is making all the birthday treats in sync to her celebrations. Her birthday starts early morning at home, but the first treat is always for her class. It needs to be special, sweet and something I can prepare in the morning, fresh and fast. This year, because of the proximity to Chanukah, I baked Sufganiot and decorated cupcake style with whipped cream, just like she loves.


After school she loves to celebrate with all her after-school friends (yes all 70-80 of them) so I made a strawberry shortbread take, dairy free, in small cups to be easy to give out to 80 kids.



And then the highlight of the night, was creating her ultimate favorite Pavlova- Meringue with Strawberry Mousse (recipe here) and Chocolate….. what can go wrong there ?

photo(42) photo(37)

All this for a sweet 10 year old girl! Happy birthday baby girl!


Until next year…..:)