Pita- A Heavenly Pocket


I have already expressed my love for yeast. Any dough with yeast is wonderful to work with. I know many fear yeast and fear it won’t rise, but if you make it with care and knead the dough enough, it will.

One of breads greatest inventions are Pita. Those round puffed up individual breads that you can fill up with anything you like.

As kids, I remember having half pita with hummus and pickles for birthday parties and the sweet version was, pita with chocolate spread.

Pita is a great companion for salads, especially hummus, tahini, taboule, Labaneh but also wonderful next to Shaksukah (eggs cooked in tomato sauce), falafel and thin cut meat.



They are very easy to make, fun and entertaining and once you get to the baking part- it all goes fast, and you are ready to eat.

The Dough:

4 cups flour – white, whole or mixed- it all works.
1 tbs.  dry yeast- if you use only whole wheat, add a 1/3 tbs. more
1.5 cups warm water
1 tsp. sugar to get the yeast going
1 flat tbs. salt
About 3 spoons of olive oil

Mix 1/2 cup water with yeast and sugar
In a mixer place everything else, add the yeast water once the yeast starts rising

If the dough is dry, add a bit more oil or water, if too wet, add flour. Once you get a great dough knead by hand a bit and let it rise for a hour – let it double in size. Leave in a warm place.


Cut into pieces and shape into rolls, let stand while heating the oven to very high-  450F, 270C


Roll the rolls flat and place up to 3 on a rack and in the oven- if the lowest part of the oven is the warmest, place it there or high up if that is the warmest place. I like to put them on Pizza racks but  any rack works.


The dough should not be sticky and will let hot air fill the pita and create the pockets.IMG_0381

Let bake and rise a few minutes, turn, and bake less on the other side. It should take anywhere between 3-6 minutes – depending on the oven.


Once out of the oven they are ready to be enjoyed.


Home-Made Falafel:

Soak  8 oz (220 grams) dry chickpeas in water overnight. You can add a tsp. of baking powder but not a must.

The next day, chop the chickpeas in a food processor, add a medium sized onion cut into quarters and cilantro (optional) – mix well.

Add a tsp. of each of –  salt, pepper and cumin. If you like cumin, add more than a tsp.

Mix well.


Heat oil in a medium sauce pan. The test of the oil will be throwing a lump of falafel mix into the oil. Small air bubbles should form around it and the falafel should rise to the top of the oil. Turn the heat down to low medium.

Shape the falafel into small ping pong balls in the palm of your hand and place carefully in the hot oil. Within a few minutes the Falafel will turn brown and crispy. Take them out of the oil using a spoon and place on paper towels.

You can dip the falafel in sesame as well.



These recipes are a Must Try…. and tell me all about it….


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    They are so good… Want some now…
    I would know from experience that they are delicious try this recipe if you haven’t yet!!!!!

  2. 6

    Tal!! I am so glad I found your blog!! I just ‘pinned’ this recipe and I intend to attempt it at some point. The falafel first (less intimidating) and the pita when I feel braver… or when you come and visit! Much love, and congrats on a wonderful blog!

    • 7

      Thank you my dear! what a great comment to start the day! Pita is actually a lot easier than it seems. It’s a great fun thing to make and delicious!!! Tell me how it all turns out!

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