Marshmallow on a Stick

I think everything on a stick is fun- fun to make and fun to eat.

Especially if kids are involved. So I took Marshmallows, melted white and dark chocolate, and started dipping.




I covered the chocolate with:

sprinkles – rainbow for the dark chocolate and chocolate for the white.

Cinnamon sugar goes beautiful with white sugar

Espresso Chocolate on white chocolate

Crushed caramel peanuts on dark chocolate

And for the hot chocolate milk with marshmallows lovers….

IMG_4583Just dip in hot milk.

IMG_4570Almost anything goes on marshmallows…..

And your creativity can take you anywhere….


The mushroom is in Brownie soil….

They can be made Dairy Free, Gluten Free and in the various sizes of the marshmallow….

Just lick your fingers and enjoy…..


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