Indulgent Desserts Ithaca


Pizza- Fun, Fast and Delicious!

Pizza.  I’ve never been a big fan of a slice of pizza, dripping with tomato sauce and tons of melted cheese on top. Not to talk about the..

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Why I love Working With Yeast

Many years ago, at the end of by bachelor’s degree, I decided that I want to skydive. Not once, but to learn how to do it really.

I took..

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Empanadas are easy and very versatile. You can practically make them within minutes and fill them with anything whether leftovers or..

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My Grandma Nona’s Beygalach:

4.5 cups flour

2 sticks butter (250 grams) or for dairy free – Fleismann’s unsalted

1 cup water

tbsp salt

20 grams dry yeast

Mix flour..

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My Grandma Nona

My Nona, Zefat

I only got to spend my first 6 years with my Savta Nona but I remember her immensely. She was short, had a big waist and..

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