Empanadas- A fast and easy dinner idea!

My kids love empanadas. I started making them a year ago when I wanted to make a fast tasty dinner that we haven’t had before. The kids wanted Pizza and I thought of combining the two.

Preparing empanadas dough is the easiest thing ever- flour, butter (or our dairy free version with Fleismann’s unsalted), salt and water. No rest, no rise. Just ready to go…

Once mixed together you get a smooth dough that is very easy to work with.

Just roll it out and make circles with a glass, according to the size you want. I like them small, especially for kids.

Once you have your circles anything can be filled. Our kids, and their friends, love pizza empanadas with mozzerella cheese, tomato sauce and olives. I love ground beef with celery and spices, we also make them veggie or sweet with Nutella.

Close them into halves- half moons and tighten the edges with a fork.

If you like them shiny brush egg on top. It’s also great with sesame sprinkled over the egg.

Bake in a 350F oven for about 20 minutes or until light brown.



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    Tove Oron

    Love your receipees and the comments that follow. This is a very useful dish to know how to make when you need to make something tasteful and quick. I have started to make Pizza and enjoy that a lot too. I use semolina and pizza flour and bake the pizzas on a stone in my oven. I love doing it.
    By the way, recently I found a wonderful recipee for making bread-easy and very aromatic with walnuts and baked on the stone. If you want it I will send it to you. Love Mom

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      Hi Mom.
      please do send the recipe. ANY recipe welcome and walnut bread sound yummy.
      I was just looking at a recipe from an Israeli blog for Walnut Bread and thought of baking it.

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    Tove Oron

    Hi Tal!
    Here is the recipee:
    Ingredients: 350 grams bread flour
    150 gr’ white flour
    8 gr’ dry yeast or 25 gr’ cake of yeast
    12 gr’ kosher salt
    12 gr’ sugar or honey
    330 ml’ cold water

    you roast the walnuts in the oven at 170 degrees celcius
    for 7 min and cool them completely. You mix the flours and the sugar. you put all the ingredients except for the salt into the bowl in this order: water,flour,yeast. mix it at low speed until it starts to become dough. Salt is added and you continue to knead for 2-3 min. you speed up and continue for another seven minutes until it is flexible. Now you add the walnuts whole or cur and knead it for another minute until the walnuts have dispersed into the dough. You leave the dough to rise for an hour or 2,until it doubles its volume.You take out the air from the dough, form it to a bread and leave it to rise again. Cover it with a plastic bag so it won’t dry at the top. Warm the oven to 220C. when the loaf has risen make some slight cuts at the top with a sharp knife and put it on the stone after you have covered it with semolina flour or other to keep the bread from burning at the bottom.After 10 min. lower the heat to 200 for about another 25 min. You get a brown, crispy loaf of bread with a wonderful aroma and taste!!! Bon Appetit and enjoy!

    A comment from Avi: It is the best bread he has ever had and he loves it.

    Your Mom

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