The Path to OUR Own Heart

fist1Remember when we were kids and we learned that our heart is the size of our fist? Looking at our fists and trying to imagine our heart pumping inside our tiny bodies. Next we asked to see everyone’s fists to compare, imagine and have a glance of their hearts. At least, I do. I did that, and I remember my kids doing it as well. I think it is a powerful thought to try and imagine our hearts.


It is the first thing we wait for when we are expecting. To hear the heartbeat. We listen in amazement to the sounds of fast galloping horses, that is the baby’s heart beat. It is the most beautiful sound of all. Sound of life.

Somehow, as the years go by we lose touch with our heart. We begin to base what we know, and do, on our mind. Some call it thinking, some ego. We are motivated by what we believe is important, based on our experiences, what people say and think and most of all, how we want to be perceived by others. I never really thought about it until I met Daniela Hess and Ravi Walsh, who together created The HeartPath Institute, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but I knew Daniela and Ravi, and was curious to know what The HeartPath is all about.

I signed up for their 7 week program and it was intriguing, wonderful and most of all Eye Opening. Yes, it opened my eyes to look into my heart. Consciously and with intent. I learned to listened to my heart and to let go of my ego. Well, I try to let go and when my ego takes over, I am more aware of it  now and stop, pause and re-group.

This morning I was out driving early and looked at the sky. The clouds were beautiful and in front of me was a breath-taking cloud that looked to me like a funnel.


I stopped and took a picture because it made me think of Ravi and Daniela. I felt that this is the journey I’ve been on where on top is everything we take in. Our fears, our joy, our anger, all our experiences, challenges and dreams. The people we know, those we love, those who hurt us and those we have hurt. Our family, those close and those far. Those only left in our memory, and those we know we have a very limited time with, but also those on their way into our world. Everything around us is taken in. The real challenge is what we funnel at the end, what we channel into our hearts and our lives. Are we motivated by the fears and anger? by disappointments and constant need to keep score? or do we learn to see the world that is created FOR US, the one where the sky is open and the birds are flying above. The one where if you smile to others, they usually smile back, if you look them in the eyes, really look, they actually see you. The world where we learn from it all, but don’t need to be led by it all. Where we appreciate all that is happening, and dare to only keep what makes us feel good.

Do we let it all out by attacking and yelling, or by breathing and finding our own voice.

The HeathPath has taught me to choose the Path of the Heart, to choose my journey and to learn to breath, smile and look at what is around me. And that is a Path I am happy to be on.


Just like our fists grows as we grow, so does our heart. Our ability to really do good in this world is truly up to us.

I hope each of you gets a chance to take this journey into  your heart, and put it back in the center of your universe, instead of the ego.

My Prasad (food offering) this time will be a recipe I love to make with my kids and for my kids – marshmallows.

It is such a children’s treat, but when done right, and with the best flavors, they are a real treat. Small sweet comfort.

Start by choosing a glass or ceramic pan. about 9X13 in (about 20X30 cm) and grease the bottom and sides. I like Pan spray.

Put 2 packages of unflavored gelatin (I use kosher gelatin, 3 packs if you prefer harder marshmallows) in the mixing bowl with 1/2 cup cold water. Stir and let sit.

In a small deep sauce pan combine:

1/2 cup cool water

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

Heat over medium heat. Using a candy thermometer (can be bought for very cheap, any where) check the temperature. Once the syrup reached 240 F/ 115 C, take it off the heat, stir well and turn on the mixer (preferably a stand mixer such as kitchen aid) on low and start mixing the gelatin. Add the syrup in SLOWLY. Once all the syrup has been added, turn the mixer to high and let it whip for about 10 minutes. The mixture should be thick and fluffy. Now add the flavor of your choice. I love coffee, pistachio or raspberry flavors, but anything works.

The mixture should be cool enough for you to touch. Pour the mixture into the pan, wet your hand a bit and flatten the fluff out. If you make more than one flavor, I usually place half the mixture in a bowl, add the flavor, place in the pan and then add the 2nd flavor to the mixer bowl and stir with remaining fluff. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and let rest overnight. The next day, cut into squares, or use cookie cutters for fun shapes, roll in powdered sugar and enjoy.


No artificial colors, use only natural flavors, kosher gelatin and you get a mouthful of deliciousness.