The Path to OUR Own Heart

Remember when we were kids and we learned that our heart is the size of our fist? Looking at our fists and trying to imagine our heart..

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Veterans Day

Every country I know takes the time to think of the veterans as well as of the fallen and of its soldiers.

Every country does it in their..

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On a rainy, grey, dark, cold day like today, only ONE food is Comfort food in my opinion.

No, it does not have melted cheese, it does not..

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Being Grateful

Thanksgiving is about being thankful and grateful and a great opportunity for each of us to think about what we are grateful for.

I lost..

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Mother’s Day

This is an occasion worthy of a few words.

I am a mother of 3. Not just a mother, but a very proud mother, who never thought I could love..

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The Best Soft Ice

My dad has always been the closest person to me. He always supports me, listens to everything I tell him, gives me advice and cares...

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