The Best Soft Ice

IMG_9796My dad has always been the closest person to me. He always supports me, listens to everything I tell him, gives me advice and cares. Cares without boundaries or restrictions. It is funny, but I find myself telling my dad “well…. you are my dad… you are supposed to say that or think that….” but the truth is that not everyone has that kind of love and support in their life and I appreciate having him in my life everyday.

Through my dad, I got to know my grandparents and how special and loving they were. I was young when they passed away, but my father always quotes them or says “My mother used to say….”, “My father used to say….” and that stays with me. I know my grandmother used to say that if someone comes to visit, just when you have sat down for dinner, it is a sign that they are loved. Or when something tasted really good she would say “Benditas Manos” –  may the hands that made this be blessed. My grandfather always said it is the small moments in life that make the biggest difference, and that a big heart makes more impact on people, than money ever can. My dad has taught be that honesty and being humble are important and that respecting everyone and treating people as equals is even more important. He always says the most important thing is to care, care about others and help whenever we can. There is right and wrong in the world and we should strive to do right, with others, with ourselves and the community.

Well, this is a food blog and although my dad loves his family. He loved his sisters that struggled with cancer and was there for them everyday. He loves his big sister and has so much respect for her. He loves us and my kids. He loves good food, to go shopping but most of all he loves Soft-Ice.

IMG_9795Not just ice cream or just soft ice but  Danish delicious Soft-Ice, while walking around Strøget in Copenhagen.

He orders the biggest one, usually with Drys (topping) and takes a handful of napkins for the way. The smile on his face when he starts his soft ice is one of a kind. Well, it used to be one of a kind. He has a follower. His granddaughter, my oldest.


There is something about soft ice that makes it the perfect treat year round. It is creamy, sweet but not too sweet, it is cold but not too cold, the wafer gives the crunch and contrast to the softness of the ice cream. The best one is vanilla with chocolate Drys but with a good, delicious soft ice, anything goes really.

IMG_9801The Danes have mastered the art of soft ice. Well of ice cream really. In the summer you see everyone eating ice cream from soft-ice with unbelievable toppings to huge cones of ice cream with whipped cream, strawberry jam and a broken flødeboller on top.

IMG_9632Cheers Dad! I love you!


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    Love your posts dear cousin. Especially because it reminds me of our childhood in Hornbæk. Ice cream on the harbour. Home made crunchy wafers and 6 scoops with soft ice. Mmm.

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      Roy still remembers the huge ice cream he had in Hellerup He wants to take the kids there or some place similar and show them what real ice cream is like. How’s baby? I think we are coming this summer to see you all again.

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