Tiny Hands

I have always LOVED being in the kitchen. As a child I would experiment, and my parents let me. I would mix and bake whatever was in the..

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My Winter Comfort Food

I like the phrase Comfort Food. Sometimes, food does give you the feeling of comfort, nostalgic. It is very cultural though. When I see..

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The Best Soft Ice

My dad has always been the closest person to me. He always supports me, listens to everything I tell him, gives me advice and cares...

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A Taste of Childhood

Our brain works in mysterious ways. Some flavors, sounds and smells stick with us forever. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, or..

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Summer vacation

For me, summer is Hornbaek, Denmark. My grandparents Bella and Oskar’s red summer house or Sommer Hus in Danish.

The corner garden, the..

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3-2-1 and an egg

I don’t remember as a child baking with my mom but I remember being a lot in the kitchen. I remember experimenting and that my mom always..

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I love Passover. It’s the combination between spring, cleaning, new clothes and family that makes it so unique.

Living far away from..

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